Sportpass Projects



Project Duration

1 - 2 Month


Figma, Notion, Whimsichal, Maze Design


Sportpass is an application platform that brings together Tennis players. With this application, they can meet online and find out news updates about Tennis Sports. Players can create events independently and follow events previously created by other users.

Goal Statement

  • Create Medern Design (Updates)
  • Create a fast flow for the user registration process (Updates)
  • Update Flow (Create Event, Find a New Friend, Get Data Reference from User when they Sign up)
  • Set up Style Guide and Design system for making Reusable Component

1. Overview

Read Requirment from Stake Holder & Analysis Competition

2. Update Userflow

  • Sign up, Make it Fast and get data Reference from use
  • Create New Event, And get new a Friend to play Tennis together
  • Follow friend to get engage for playing Tennis Together
  • Joined Group for playing Tennis

3. User Stories (General user)

  • As User, i want to find a new friend to play Tennis Together
  • As user, i want to create event to get a new friend to play Tennis
  • As user, i want to invite people to my wevn for playing Tennis
  • As user, i want to read news about sports Tennis
  • As user, i want to follow my friend who is playing Tennis

4. User Stories (Event Creator)

  • As User, i want to make new event with a fast
  • As user, I want to spread the information about my event
  • As user, i want to make event with optonakl pricing, Like free event or Paid Event