Sportpass: Sportpass


Figma, Notion


1 - 2 Month


Sportpass is an application platform that brings together Tennis players. With this application, they can meet online and find out news updates about Tennis Sports. Players can create events independently and follow events previously created by other users.

Goal Statement

  • Create Medern Design (Updates)
  • Create a fast flow for the user registration process (Updates)
  • Update Flow (Create Event, Find a New Friend, Get Data Reference from User when they Sign up)
  • Set up Style Guide and Design system for making Reusable Component

Design Process

1️⃣ Read Requirment from Stake Holder & Analysis Competition

The client doesn’t provide much data, this is the MVP Phase. I try to make a sequence of features requested by clients and make comparisons from other applications, but also update the application to be more modern and fresh.

2️⃣ Update User FLow

In this session, I only look for similarities in features with other applications and focus on the visual side where I try to improve it and make it look modern

3️⃣User Stories (General user)

4️⃣ User Stories (Event Creator)

Example for my Checkbox.





I use the notion to create documentation for all phases of my work, all data from assets to the handover process is carried out on the notion to document it


I use figma for almost all parts, Starting from finding and creating new flows, I do Wirefrsming, High fidelity, to the Prototyping process with Figma

Lesson learned